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Our mission is to be: “An organization where community comes together, united in the goal of providing a helping hand-up to our fellow Centralia citizens who are experiencing severe temporary hardships whose situation can be improved with a one time gift of financial or material assistance”. 

No direct financial assistance will be provided.  Rather, consistent with our mission, our purpose is to assist in meeting a particular need you may have.

If you prefer our cost to be in the form of a loan, please so request in your statement below.

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Background Check Agreement *
I authorize Centralia Police Dept. to run my criminal background check and to share that information , and other knowledge they may have concerning me or this application with Centralia Helping Hands.
Your full name, date of birth, and the same for other persons currently residing with you:
Your current residential address, length of residing there, and your previous residential address
Your current sources of income, type and amount of benefits from any source (and name of source) and monies available to you to meet the need for which you request assistance
Explain in detail your hardship and how we might assist. Copies of all relevant documents, including overdue bills and demand letters, should be provided before and assistance is given.
Is there any other information that we might need to help understand you situation further?


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